Vest Pocket Kodak Model B - Autographic

Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester. N. Y. - U.S.A. - 1925

4x6 Film Size Folder - A125 Film

Exposures number: 8

Lens: Eastman Kodak

Aperture: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 holes in a rotary disk

Focus: 1 m  to 

Shutter: Eastman Kodak

Times: T and I where T is for long exposure, I shut in about 1/50sec

Autographic function in the camera back

Galilei viewfinder

Dimensions: 12.5x7x2.4 cm - 4.92"x2.75"x0.94"

Weight: 324g - 11.40 oz.


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