Sommerkamp mod. FT-277

Sommerkamp mod. FT-277 (Japan 1970) is an HF SSB Tranceiver for the amateur bands, and is the Sommerkamp copy of the more famous Yaesu model FT-101. Frequency coverage from 80 to 10 meters with operation in SSB, CW and AM modes, 10 - 10,5 MHz only in reception. Nominal power output is 260 watts on SSB and CW, and 50 watts on AM. The transmitter side features a tube 12BY7A in the driver stage and two 6JS6C in the final amplifier stage. Available options are the FV-277B (or FV-101B) external VFO, which provides to control RX or TX operations, and the external speaker mod. SP-277B (or SP-101B). Frequency coverage: 80 m (3,5-4,0 MHz); 40 m (7,0-7,5 MHz); 30 m (10.0-10,5 MHz only RX); 20 m (14,0-14,5 MHz); 15 m (21,0-21,5 MHz); 11 m (26.900-27.500); 10 m (28,0-30,0 MHz in 4 bands). Modes of operation: LSB, USB, CW and AM. Receiver sensitivity: SSB/CW 0,5 microvolt for 10 db S/N. Audio output: 3 watts on 4 ohms. Microphone impedance: 500-600 ohms. Power requirements: internal power supply for 110 - 220 V AC or external Dc source 12 V max 21 Amperes, negative ground. Weight: approx. 15 Kg.


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