RX Barlow Wadley mod. XCR-30 Mk2 - 0,5-30 MHz AM-SSB (Republic of South Africa 1971). The XCR-30 is a specialized, high sensitivity, portable short wave receiver, designed to provide precision frequency tuning over the full short wave spectrum from 500 kHz to 30 MHz, with very hight frequency stability for both A.M. (amplitude modulation) and S.S.B (single side band) trasmissions. The triple conversion super-heterodyne circuit is stabilized by a quartz crystal oscillator, to eliminate tuning drift over long periods of time and to provide stable single sideband pitch. The receive utilize the syntetized heterodyne oscillator known as "Wadley loop System"; The dial has two drums, one for MHz that should be set roughly to indicate the MHz portion of the frequency required, the other must be set for for KHz portion. Frequency scale accuracy is within 5 kHz at all frequencies. In SSB operations the clarifier knob has the effect of displacing the main frequency calibration by +/- 1,5 kHz (3 kHz overall). The selectivity is 6 kHz on AM and 3 kHz on SSB/CW. Audio output: 0,5 watts (150 Hz to 3 kHz) on 8 ohm load. Antenna: self conteined stylus antenna or external long wire. Power requirement: internal 6 type UM-1 (1,5 volts) dry cells (9 volts total) or external power socket for 6 to 12 volts with internal regulation. Weight: 4,14 Kg including batteries.


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