SWAN 350c 


Ham SSB Transceiver SWAN mod. 350 c (U.S.A. 1973). The RTX provides AM-SSB-CW coverage of all Ham frequencies from 80 to 15 meter bands, and one 500 kHz portion of 10 meter band. RF power input is 400 watts PEP minimum on all the bands in SSB, 320 watts input on all the bands in CW and 135 watts input on all the bands in AM mode. The receiver sensitivity is better than 0,5 microvolt. Audio autput 3 watts on 3,2 ohm load. Vacuum tube utilized: V1: 6EW6, V2: 12BE6, V3: 6GK6, V4: 6JE6, V5: 6JE6, V6: 12BZ6, V7: 12BE6, V8: 6EW6, V9: 12BA6, V10: 12AX7, V11: 6BN8, V12: 6GK6, V13: 6JH8, V14: 12AX7. Transistors: (3) 2N706 in VFO and crystal oscillator. The AC power supply mod. 230 X provides to 12,6 volts  5,5 Amp. ac for filaments, 12 volts dc 250 mA for relay, -110 volts dc 100 mA for bias, 275 volts dc, 150 mA, 600 vlts dc 500 mA. Weight: RTX 7,8 kg, power supply about 8 Kg.  - (Articolo su CQ Elettronica 03/2000)

Schematics diagram below:
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