RTX USA mod. AN/GRC3-RT70 (1956). Is a mobile equipment part of the station AN/GRC3. The RT70 receive and trasmit in the frequency range from 47 to 58,4 MHz in FM nonstop tuning. The equipment is composed in two parts: RTX RT70 and power supply-audio amplifier (AM/65/GRC). Power requirements: 12 or 24 Vdc; inside the AM-65/GRC there is a multivibrator circuit: PP-281/GRC for 12 V, or PP-282/GRC for 24 V. The Receiver is a supereterodyne with two conversion, I.F.: 15 e 1,4 MHz, the sensitivity is 0,5 microvolt. The trasmitter has 0,5 W output. Valves employed: RTX: 19 miniature glass type base B7G; Audio amplifier: 7 tubes.

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