RX Yaesu mod. FRG-7 - 0,5-30 Mhz AM-SSB-CW (Japan 1976). The Yaesu model FRG-7 is an all solid state syntetized communication receiver designed to cover the entire HF spectrum fro 500 kHz to 29,9 MHz. FRG-7 is a triple conversion super heterodyne receiver utilizing syntetized heterodyne oscillator known as "Wadley loop System" (see Barlow Wadley XCR30 page) which offers high stability performance. Good selectivity (+/-3 kHz at -6 db) is provided for SSB, AM and CW modes with the utilization of a ceramic filter in the 455 kHz IF circuit. The sensitivity is better then 0,7 microvolts in SSB/CW an better than 2 microvolts in AM mode. Audio output is 2 watts on 4 ohm load. The FRG-7 included a self-conained power supply for 100 - 230 volts AC 50/60 Hz, and internal battery or external 12 V DC input. If the AC power source fails, the unit switches automatically to the internal battery which use eight UM-1 (1,5 volts) dry cells for a total of 12 volts. The weight is about 7 kg without batteries.


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