Stumenti surplus - instruments

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Frequency meter mod- BC-221 (Zenith USA 1940)

VHF wave meter mod. BC-906 (USA 1942)

Frequency meter TS-323/UR - (USA 1942)

Tester Hickok mod. 4955S (~USA 1945)

Test Oscillator TS-47/APR - (USA 1945)

Electronic multimeter- mod. ME-26D/U (Sentinel Electronic Inc. (USA 1945)

Multimeter mod. ME-9H/U (USA 1945)

Tester Bruno mod. ME-70C/PSM-6B (NewYork Industries USA 1945)

Tester mod. ME-77C/U (USA 1945)

Osacilloscope mod. OS-8C/U - (Jetronic Industries Inc. Philadelphia, PA U.S.A. 1954)

Tube Tester mod. TV-7/U (Hickok Electrical Instruments USA 1953) - diagram available

Test Oscillator Set AN/PRM-10 - (Electro-Craft Corp. Hopkins Minnesota U.S.A. 1958)

HF Generator Type N 427 E (Ribet & Desjardins France 1955)

Condenser checker Vorax Radio mod. SO 130 (Italy 1950)

Tube Checker  - Provavalvole (Heathkit - USA - 1959)

Tube Tester Chinaglia mod. 560 - (Italy 1960)

Wheatstone Bridge (Germany ~1960)

Tester ICE mod. 680E (Italy - 1960)

HF Generator Heathkit mod. IG-102 (U.S.A. 1960)

Oscilloscopio mod. TVN (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy~1955)

Old HF Generator  (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy~1955)

Tube Tester  - Provavalvole (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy~1955)

Tester - (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy ~1955)

HF Generator mod. 412 (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy~1960)


Circuits Tester - (Scuola Radio Elettra Torino Italy ~1960)

HF Generatore mod. UK 455 (Amtron Italy 1965)

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